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Current Exhibitions

Soome-naivistide-joulunaitus-klk-e1449049552408The Christmas exhibition “Made with heart – light and joy!” is open in The Estonian Children`s Literature Centre from November 30 until December 30, 2015.

20 leading Finnish naivists participate in the exhibition, among them Kia-Maria Aho, Kaarina Alsta, Petra Heikkilä, Aimo Katajainen and Kikka Nyrèn. It is the third joint exhibition of Finnish naivists this year, and the biggest that takes place outside of Finland.

Naivism is an individual art, which centres around emotions and the “little person’s” point of view. The works are generally quite small, composition is schematic or free, perspective is ignored, colours are bright. The surrounding environment is depicted as dreamlike ideal landscape. Naivist works can often be characterized by elemental power, reverent and lyrical approaches and by everyday meetings, people, animals. Many naivists approach the subject deeply and sensitively, often a little melancholically.

The Finnish Naivist Association was founded in 2002. The goal of the association is to share information about naivism as a genre of art and naivist artists in Finland and abroad.

Additional information:
Marja-Muusa Hämäläinen, Chairman of the Finnish Naivist Association, marja@muusa.inet.fi, +358 40 700 6925
Viive Noor, Art Curator of the Estonian Children’s Literature Centre, viivenoor@gmail.com, +372 5557 9930